Is it right to say at my friend's seminar? And actually I need a description for each of at, in and when we should use them

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"At my friend's seminar" is definitely correct English. However, your use of preposition depends on context, as so much of life does ;) .

If you wish to say "Something happened at my friend's seminar," that is acceptable. So is "Something happened during my friend's seminar." "I am at my friend's seminar" is also fine. "At" is simply used to describe a location. Here, "my friend's seminar" is the location.

The only other time I can think of one would use at that isn't a location is when saying "At least/at most" At least is used for things like "At least Jane knows the answer," or something like "At the very least, we can go to the movies after dinner." It's used to mean what the very least thing is. People often say it when what they wanted or planned will or won't work out.

For instance, a teacher might be disappointed when he asks a question and only Jane knows the answer. However, he will tell himself "At least Jane knows the answer."

At most is used a bit opposite of that. The teacher in this instance would say "At most, only one or two students knew the answer to my question."

Another example: "Since we can't go to Bill's party, at least we can go to the movies after dinner. The tickets to get in should cost at most ten dollars."

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