May I have some advices from experienced tutors in this website? I have to pass my obstacles which mean the TOEFL test. I would say I wish you to demonstrate how to write with a good English's structure and make committees understand my essays clearly as well. I doubt that: can I practice my speaking with you?; How can I get main idea from delicate academic subjects? That all for my questions, today. Thank a million!!!

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tiffy 7350

Keep on practicing. The key to acing the reading test is to understand the concept. If you are not a big reader, then start practicing and get yourself used to reading long passages.

Visit the following for more TOEFL Tips:


Thank a million for answering my question :) May I have your email address, please? I will definitely follow your advice. One bad thing that I do often, I cannot read quite long passages with my concentration, however, I must start doing that by today.

p.s. My English grammar is quite bad if it is wrong, please inform me directly ^____^


I want to improve my writing skills.although I am facing difficulties in writing please suggest me.

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