I am planing to giving a English test in next month but i neet to develop my english writing level .how could i do this ???

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Practice, practice, and practice. May I ask what English test are you planning to take next month? Is it the IELTS or the TOEFL? You should learn the format of the test first to familiarize yourself with the test.

There are a lot of resources you can find online. Here are some resources that might help you:

IELTS - http://www.jroozreview.com/ielts-blog http://www.ieltsexamstips.com

TOEFL - http://www.toeflreview.blogspot.com

English blogs - http://www.theyuniversity.net/ http://learnenglishwithpictures.blogspot.com/

If you have questions, feel free to explore the forum.


Go to Interpals.net and send messages to other people to improve your english :) I use it and it is really helpful


Helo! well you need to study. look at your question :

plan to take an English test next month but I NEED to improve my English writing how do I do it?

READING IS A WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING and I'm afraid you need to study a little bit .

a before consonants = a desk , a pen

an before a vowel = an apple an orange

plan - this verb usually you don't  say:  I'm planing to  x it's wrong

you PLAN TO do something = I plan to go to London

The same with : like to - would like to - want to - hope to

Hope it was a kind of help.  keep trying :) HAPPY EASTER





ahenus 11540
there's a site which is especially designed to improve your writing skills.


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