My favorite group is Coldplay. Or my favorite group are coldplay.

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Group is a noun, singular.

Groups is a noun, plural.

When speaking about a group of musical artists or performers, the word band is used.

e.g.: My favourite band is "Coldplay".


Group is singular as in "The group of boys was late for the party".

Groups is plural as in "Several groups of boys were late for the party"


My favorite group or band IS 'Coldplay' ...

BUT ...

word GROUP can be used both as singular and plural ...- this is very British and I would not expect to see it in American English ...

 Group as a collective noun can be followed by a singular or plural verb. It takes asingular verb when the persons or things that make up the group are considered collectively:The dance group is ready for rehearsal. Group takes a plural verb when the persons or thingsthat constitute it are considered individually: The group were divided in their sympathies.


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