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Retarded can mean:

a) Stupid, dumb, crazy, mentally impaired, etc...


b) Slowed, impeded, delayed, impaired

For example: The flow of water was retarded because some rocks. The construction progress is being retarded because of constant bad weather.

If you are using retarded to describe someone in a negative way, then it is rarely acceptable. When using it like in the examples for b, it can be used in an acceptable way. However, you are best to avoid using the word because many native speakers don't like the feeling of the word, even if used in an acceptable way.


Mentally il


Developmentally disabled.


If you want to use the abjetive " retarded " to judge someone's act just use stupid or dumb. Either way it is not nice.  That 'a hurt feeling


Hi, *retarded* is not politically correct. the same goes for *handicapped*. To be respectful, you can use *disabled*.


"Retarded" is not politically correct. You could use "stupid", "dumb", "slow", "ignorant", "lame" instead.


tiffy 7350

other ways to say retarded:

  • insane
  • mentally il
  • dim-witted
  • feeble-minded
  • imbecile
  • crazy
  • stupid



Tiffy, girl, NONE of those are politically correct. Being insane/crazy/stupid is NOT the same as being retarded.

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