What is the difference between to be and will be?

Please advise how to use this.

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"To be " is a verb in infinitive form, and "will be" is used to express the future

For example:

I am a doctor .......>   it's the verb to be conjugated in the first person of singular

I will be a doctor ....> This is a future

You are in the hospital -Present-

You will be in the hospital next weekend.  -Future-


'between' indicates 'ubicated in the middle of two things'
- the cat is between the dogs
- in the flag, the blue line is between the red line and the yellow line

more: if you are gonna talk about something surrounded by more than two things, use 'among'

- you are among all of those people

- my shirt is among all of those clothes


'will be' is an auxiliar used to refeer "something in the future"

- i will be in the city tomorrow

- this cake will be mine!


as you can see, 'between' and 'will be' have completely different uses


the difference is to be is present and will be is future

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