The answer must be personal type for assessment of speaking and listening skills of class 9 student.  the difference between house and home needs to be described properly on a personal basis. it needs to be in simple language so that i can understand the meaning.

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House is the building the figure of the some place.

Home si the space of the persons


Hose is building but home is feeling.


House can be any place where people live, but not YOU. Home is the house where you live. That's why "home sweet home" And not house sweet house.


usually, with the term "house" refers to the building, with "home" something more figurative, in the sense of family.


"You can say, "I'm going home," but you can't say "I'm going house." <-- this is wrong

"Home" can also refer to an apartment or a dormitory or any place that you are living. "House" refers to a building that is your own, that you may share with your family and normally no one else.

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