give me example please it would be your kind

thanks alot

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Dear Omid

Pronoun Is a word which is used instead of noun

1- example   

Amamda is a girl . she is student


omid is a boy he is driver

jone is a boy he is electrician


I, You , He , She, It, They all are subjective prononun. Words which give answer of Who represent subject.

Sita is playing.

Who is playing answer is Sita is playing. hence Sita is subject and in place of subject we can use She is playing.



Pronoun Pronoun are used instead of people and things in the sentences


Personal pronoun are divided into two parts

Subject pronoun

Object pronoun

Subject pronouns are those which are used instead of subject in the sentences


Note A – Subject is the doer of an action Example : I study my lesson B ¬¬–Subject is a person or thing which is used at the beginning of the sentences Example : the chair is very soft C – Subject is a person or thing that we talk about Example : He is a Driver Subject pronoun are ( I,YOU,HE,SHE,IT,YOU,THEY,

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