Good Morning Everybody, Today I have a question...complicated question:

I have had a lot of good days in my life,.... but I remember especially one or

                                          but I remember specially one

I don´t know when I have to use "especially" and "specially". and another question:

                            I went to the bus station to wait for him               or

                            I went to wait for him to the bus station

Thanks and thanks, everyday

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ahenus 11540

good evening here, here are the answers for your questions.

specially vs especially:

It is better to use especially in front of adjectives to emphasize them, although some people also use specially

• The cake was especially good.

• This part is especially interesting.

Use especially to say that something applies more to one thing or situation than to others

• Everyone loved it, especially the children.

• You should call first, especially if you're going to be late.

Especially never comes at the start of a sentence

• He loves fruit. He especially likes kiwis (NOT Especially he likes ...).

Use specially to say that something is done or made for a particular purpose

• I got this specially for you.

• specially designed equipment


I went to the bus station to wait for him is correct (first comes the place then the infinitive of purpose).


Master 7320

specially vs especially

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