For example: Is there some difference between: "You know I love when you did it" and "You know THAT I love when you did it". One of them is wrong, or both are right?

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There is a slight difference actually and meanings are the same for both sentcences.You can whether or not use that in this example,does not matter which one you will choose.

  • Yet,generally we use that in a sentence when we want to start a new part.(conjunction)

For instance : He said that he’d collect it later.(taken from Cambridge Dictionary)

  • Or somebody/something that has already been mentioned or is already known about.(pronoun)

Ex(2):That dress of hers is too short.(taken from Oxford Dictionary)


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In these examples, THAT is used as a simple subordinating conjunción, that is to say, it introduces the clause which indicates, in the example, "what you know" (you know that I love when you did it - you know something). In these cases, where the clauses introduced by THAT resemble a noun phrase, this conjunction may be omitted. I'll give you some other examples: He told me (that) he knows the truth (He told me something) > He told me he knows the truth; We heard (that) tomorrow it will probably rain; I thought (that) it was a joke. The clauses introduces by THAT function as the direct object of the main sentence and resemble a noun, i.e. what he told, what we heard and what I thought. Hope (that) I've helped you :)

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