My grammar is good but my speaking is worse than my grammar. I wanna speak English more fluently.

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first if you are good in grammar try not to concentrate on grammar but start by speaking to any of your friends

try speaking in front of a mirror loudly.

record your voice while speaking and ask someone who is good in english to check whether your pronunciation is okay



You can improve your english skills talking with someone, maybe your friends and family. Or you can do it alone while you're doing something else. Watching tv series and movies with english subtitles helped me a lot with my pronunciation.

If you need someone to practice, send me a private message and we can practice together!



Try the speak with sombody.


Get a paper with some phrases in English, phrases that you know they're correct and common. Write the phonetic transcription below every phrase and repeat them several times a day, in a daily basis. How long should you do this? Until you're fluent enough.


Watching movies, listening to music to really pick up their accents and pronounciations.

Practice with people & practice on your own, every day!

Find people to practice with online or go to an English speaking country and practice with people around


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I would like to speak with you if you like send me a message

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