I' like to speak English fruently, but my speaking is not good. I always make mistakes in tense. My listening is quite good because I like to watch movies in Englsih. When I talk with foreigners, I can understand what they say, but I can't response correctly.

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You can watch BBC training videos.Also,you should keep speaking with your foreign friends you can't give up easily can you? Because that s how it works. You should continue what you are thinking right .You are on the right way.


You should continue to improving your english skills with learning new words and  you should never forget is to listen how  people pronounsiate the sentences and to repeat after them.You can follow this advices and you won't regret:

  1. Use fix phrases and more phrasal verbs;
  2. Keep speaking with your foreign friends;
  3. The most important thing you should have is a confidence when you are speaking.Do not think that you are going to makе a mistake.

Relaxed and calm down! By the time you will become a native english speaker and I am sure that you begin to speak eloquently  like a real fluent speaker!

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