Hi, i failed at exam in English and im going on another term. I have problem with grammar, which i wrote on the top. Can you please someone explain me indirect speech? I dont know how the times go one ofter one... example: Jenny like movies - She said, she liked movies? In which time should be "like" ?

And the other thing are conditionals. I have really mess in the times and when is used one or other.

I was looking here for some cards or pictures with explanation, but i didnt find anythink.

Thanks a lot for help! :)

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kalo 300
tense of indirect speech depends on BOTH

A.  the tense the reporter uses.  jenny SAYS.  jenny SAID. jennyUSEDTO SAY. jenny IS GOING TO SAY....

AND B.   the tense used by jenny.

jenny "i like movies" >>  jenny says she likes movies. jenny said she liked movies. jenny used to say that she liked movies. when she meets with tom cruise, jenny is going to say she likes movies.  

jenny "i loved tom with all my heart.".  jenny says she loved tom.  jenny said she had loved him.  jenny used to say that she had loved him.  in her testimony, jenny will say that she loved tom.


it gets tricky with perfect tenses. ." i like movies">>> i have often heard jenny say that she likes movies.

"i was in love with tom for ten years" . >>i  have often heard jenny claim that she had been in love with him for ten years


I hope I can help explain a bit for you.

In your example  "Jenny like movies - She said, she liked movies? In which time should be "like" ?", one would use "likes". So the sentences would read, "Jenny likes movies." The condition of her liking a moving is continual and in the present tense. Once you change to the past tense liked as in the second sentence "She liked movies?" is stating to me that she no longer likes movies. Which seems a little strange to me :) Perhaps the sentence is to say "She likes movies." again keeping it in the present tense--but conditional because it's a feeling, doesn't change. 

I hope I understood coorectly what you were asking.

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