I want the difference between although and however and the others article which have the same use and I want too the difference between as and like and the others article which have the same use thank you

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  • Although: It's a concession. In spite of something, another one happens. Although it rained a lot, we enjoyed the trip. (It'd be normal if we didn't enjoy it, but we did.)

  • However: It's a contrast, like BUT. I can't swim well. However, I will try to. (It'd be normal if I didn't try, because I'm not good at it, but I will try to.)

  • As: It's used to say something someone is. I work as a teacher. (I am a teacher!)

  • Like: It's used to compare someone or a situation to another one. I work like a slave. (Of course I'm not a slave. However, I work like a slave does.)

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'as' is also used to express cause. e.g. I didn't win as/because I was not good.


As it´s also used to express two different things that happened at the same time:


As I walked across the street, I saw Jim.


"As" as an expression of cause can be used, but it very colloquial and actually quite rare.  You're far more likely to hear "because" or an abbreviated "'cause", pronounced 'coz'.

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