Everything  ____________________  well for me at the moment.    ( is going , goes )


is going ............because here we are talking about temporary situation

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Is going


is going because it is present continuous and speaks of something ocurring at the moment of speaking or in the same lapse of time.

e.g. "I am studying English at the moment." can be said if you are reading your English book or practicing English at the moment of speaking, but you can be at the movies and meet a friend who asks you, "What are you doing nowadays?" And it will mean that you are studying English during this same period of time. (this year/ term / semester, etc)

goes is simple present and you use it to speak of habits, repeated actions or facts. "He goes to his English class at four p.m. every day. (a repeated action) "He goes to school by bus." (a fact)


is going. it is present continues. "at the moment" is time signal for present continues.

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