An adverb of frequency is used to express how often an activity occurs. 


The most common frequency adverbs in German are:

The percentages here are rough estimates only.


Adverbs of Definite Frequency


täglich - daily

Ich lese täglich mein Horoskop. I read my horoscope every day.


morgens - in the morning

Ich muss morgens zur arbeit.  In the morning, I must go to work.


nachmittags - in the afternoon

Sie lernen nachmittags. They study in the afternoon.


abends - in the evening

Ich dusche gewöhnlich abends. I usually take a shower in the evening.


nachts - during the night

Sie sieht nachts fern. She watches television at night.


wöchentlich - weekly, once a week

Das Magazin erscheint wöchentlich. The magazine comes out once a week.


monatlich - monthly

Er bezahlt monatlich zwölf Euro.  He pays twelve euros per month.


jährlich - yearly, annually

Er liest ein Buch jährlich. - He is reading one book per year.


montags - on Mondays; 

dienstags - on Tuesdays

mittwochs - on Wednesdays

donnerstags - on Thursdays

freitags - on Fridays

samstags - on Saturdays

sonntags - on Sundays


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