Hi guys, my name is akeela, im looking forward to be friend with everyone around the globe. im not very fluent with english, my grammar sucks but i believe you guys can help me improve my english. so why not? having international friends is my dreams btw <3


hello! I'm Rachel from Indonesia. I need help in improving my English speaking skills and I am glad if we can help each other :) please kindly send email to me then we can discuss about the platform we want to use? thanks :) cardesneiyl16@gmail.com

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I feel great to be part of this forum and I see that many are asking for help with English. I will be happy to mentor and train you all if you are interested. Reach me on whatsapp +91 7010736132.


Tara 140
Hi,akeela. My name is Tara, I am from Sweden. Its nice meeting you. I am also interested in making friends all over the world, so i would like to make you as my friend.If you are interested? Best regards Tara


hi . me too....i need to practice and speak English -_-


I need someone to speak English with for improving my listening and speaking skill, I can also learn the Persian language. I'm 28 years old Iranian boy. WhatsApp n 989168038017


tis honor get someone to practice english with you my name alhadi im from sudan.

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