Please help me, I am confused. 

As you know some times we can 'of' in a noun phrase by reversing the nouns order eg.

a train of goods => a goods train

If I want to mention a definite  'goods train' I can say 

the goods train

now, the question, if I need to mention a  a particular train carring a  a particular goods

Do I have to say "the train of the goods"? or I can say "the goods trains"

thanks a lot

2 Answers


You would say the 'goods train'.


In English we don't usually say the something of something.


If you have some watermelons, and you want to ship them to your friend by train, you would write:

"I will ship you some watermelons by train.  I will call it the watermelon train."  

You would not write: "I will call it a train of watermelons." because watermelons cannot be connected to make a train.

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