Please help me to clarify "fortune", "fate" and "destiny". I illustrate myself as a computer. Can I say" I am as a computer was made in 2000" or i have to say " I am like a computer made in 2000"? Do i use the tense correctly?

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Fortune is luck; "You are fortunate to have a job and a house. Fate is what is around the corner. I think that fate is going to come along no matter what. Destiny:- You are destined to be a great leader. your destiny can be what you want to make of it.

I am like a computer that was made in the year 2000.


I am like a computer made in 2000..

Fourtune - Fourtunme means luck and some time we say like fourtune favor the bravery. Fate - I guess it means dependent like we say your fate is in hand of your parents. Destiny - I am dumb that why i cannot make friends or may be its written in my destiny.


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Fortune - means wealth or riches; position in life as determined by wealth: to make one's fortune.

Fate - a prophetic declaration of what must be; what is about to happen

Destiny - same as fate


Fortune has 2 meanings:  One is weath or riches.  But in comparing this word to Fate and Destiny, I would argue that Fortune is the other meaning in this case, which is luck, or being fortunate.  For example, you were fortunate that you avoided the plague (clearly not wealth or riches).

I would say that Fate is something out of your control, it is just something that is going to happen no matter what.  It can be seen as a way of dealing with things, with accepting how things turned out, by calling it fate.

But then Destiny, I would not call this the same thing as fate.  I believe Destiny is something a person is capable of achieving, which must be worked towards (hence the phrase "Fulfill your destiny").  Destiny is what can become in the future, but only if it's worked towards.  With your own efforts, and with some good luck (or good fortune), you work towards your destiny.


In Russian language we only have 1 word for all this - "судьба" (sud'ba), literally this means something like "judgment" (made by nobody concrete). But in English you have even 4 words for this, which looks pretty excessive.

- Destiny - good and happy variant. Becoming a popstar for example is destiny.

- Fortune - talks about money and magic. Sorcerers tell your fortune, not fate or something. They pretend to see it through time and tell if you become fortunate or not.

- Fate - this can be good or bad. It just happens sometimes and then you can tell a story why you think this happened and what this changed in you. Being a car accident survivor is fate.

- Doom - predestination to death or at least a very-very bad outcome.

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