I am confused about that, while of and from have the same meaning, when should I use each of them?

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ahenus 11540

they don't have the same meaning, from refers to the origin of things, whereas of is commonly used in possessive structures (the window of the door) or in others. try to focus on the prepositions that verbs take.

there's a good example where the difference is clear:

When you are talking about the materials that are used to make something, you say that it is made of or made from those materials.Use made from when the original materials have been completely changed and cannot be recognized• Paper is made from wood.Use made of when the original materials have not been completely changed and you can still see them• a table made of wood

from: Ldoce Online - Back to the Homepage


from use for place lake i am from algeria.i tell this word's from my heard.


I think to have something in common

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