How can I learn English What's the best way to speak English

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Find somebody who speaks your primary language and English.  They will be able to start you on your quest to learn English.  It will boost your confidence to be able to carry on a basic conversation while you learn new words, new phrases, and grammar.  Be patient.

Try Duolingo, Mango, Memrise, Transparent Languages with ESL component, or Rosetta Stone.  All are available at no cost at my local library in Ohio USA. You might find them at your library or online too.

Get an English dictionary in print.  Get a book on English grammar, either in print or in digital form.  Use online resources like YouTube, English podcasts, movies and TV shows with English subtitles.

Feel free to send me questions about English.  I also know a little German and a little French.  At the A1 level in both.

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