WHICH ONE IS CORRECT: i am short /i am small


 I have  short hair / i have small hair

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Short and small are similar but are used in different ways. Watch below for the explanation.


tiffy 7350

Use small when you are talking about the SIZE of the object.

For example: 

  • The wristwatch is small.
  • The wristwatch is smaller than the wall clock.

Use short when you are taling about the HEIGHT of the object.

For example:

  • The crayon is shorter than the pencil.
  • Mike is the shortest in the group.

... in the above case, it should be:

  •  I have short hair.
  • I am short. (when you are referring to your height). I am small. (when you are referring to your size)


Excuse me,

I'm looking for a reference that differenciates between synonyms in use and function.

Who knows a name of any reference i wish he/she tells me about it ASAP.

Kind regrds,

Reda Ali

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