Hello. I would like to talk about the pronunciation of the words: -Thirty -Dirty -Started They all have the "r" sound plus the "flap t" sound. The problem is that I can't speak it quickly (I have to stop for make the sound, and in the meantime, I pronunce the rest of the words normally. Example- in this sentence: There were 30 students in here - I'll say everything thing fine, except the "Thirty", because I will make an stop between these two sounds to pronunce it perfectly" May you guys help me?

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If you are not a native speaker those may be hard sounds to learn to pronounce. It would be hard for me to tell you how to move your mouth correctly because I have been doing it my whole life. What I can say, however, is that you can get away with only pronouncing the r sound in some of those words. For example in "thirty" you can drop the t and say "thirry". Most English speakers will know what you are saying. And most probably won't notice at all.

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