Abated pride. abbreviated visit . abhorred thraldom . abiding romance. abject submission. abjured ambition . able strategist .abnormal talent . abominably perverse . abounding happiness. abridged statement . abrogated law. abrupt transition. absolutely irrevocable . abstemious diet. abstract character . abstruse reasoning. absurdly dangerous. abundant opportunity. abusive epithet. abysmally apologetic. academic rigor. accelerated progress.

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Your question should be 'what are the meanings of these phrases? ("this" is singular, meaning one phrase) However, many of the words you give are quite unusual and not used much in English, at least not in spoken English. Don't waste your time on obscure phrases, learn how to communicate with simple, understandable phrases first.

Of the phrases quoted, only these are in common use and then only in written rather than spoken English: abbreviated visit (a short visit) able (to do something well) strategist abridged (shortened) statement abrupt (sudden)transition (change). absolutely irrevocable (completely unchangeable) . absurdly (ridiculously) dangerous. abundant (plenty, much, many) opportunity. accelerated (speeded up) progress



Would you simply explain abated pride?


Thank you!

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