How and when to use "Going to" and "will"... what´s the difference ?

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Going to: to express plans and intentions( I'm going to have a party next month) or to talk about what is about to happen according to present evidence( There are lots of clouds. It's going to rain). Will: to express immediate decisions( Buses are on strike today. I'll get a taxi); to make predictions(Robots will do housework by the year 2050); to make promises( I'll take you to the cinema if you behave well);to talk about facts( A new shopping centre will open next week).


We use to "going to" or "gonna" to say something that happens near future, different of "will", that we use to say something we aren't sure or go happens in the future


You use "Will" when you don't know when that action go happen. And, you use "going to" when you sure that action go happen in a moment determinate, as in the example: I will Buy a car - I go buy, but I don't know when. I'm going to buy a car in the next month. - I'll buy a car, and I know when this happen.



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