When we are talking about the future with BE GOING TO sometimes it is so similar with present continuous tense, so I´d like someone help me with tath diference

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When we say I'm going to do it we are speaking about the future. Because I'm going to equal to i will, it express future., but im doing it tomorrow it is not correct because I'm doing it express present continuous and the present continuous we use it in period that is in the present and it still in progress it does not finished yet so we can't use with the mark of the future which means tomorrow. Next day next weak next year.


Ways to express the future:

1.Present Simple. When it is something you can find on a timetable, calendar or similar time-schedule.

Ex: - What time is your train? - It leaves at 7.30 p.m.

2.Present Continuous. When it is something that you have already made definite arrangements to do.

Ex: - When is your meeting with Mr. Thomas? - I'm seeing him tomorrow at 10 a.m.

3.Going to. When it is something that you intend to do and have already decided to do. When it is obvious that something is going to happen.

Ex: - You like Charles Dickens, don't you? - Yes, next year I'm going to read all his novels again.

Ex: - You look pale. Are you all right? - I'm going to be sick!

Ex: She is going to have a baby ( we can see that she is pregnant).

Ex: It's going to rain ( we can see the sky is covered in black clouds).

4.Future Simple. When you are making a spontaneous, immediate decision at the moment of speaking. When it is something you think will inevitably happen.

Ex: - Julia is back from her trip. - Oh, good. I'll give her a call.

Ex: - Goodbye. - Goodbye, I'll see you soon.

Ex: I think he will win this match.

5.Future Continuous. When you are thinking now about something you have arranged to do in the future.

Ex: - You must be looking forward to going. - Yes, this time next week I'll be spending all day on the beach.




Yeah, It's so true. By the way, where are you from? do you have a skype account? I usually refer to here in order to practice English with friends from all over the world. If you do one, please add me at skype id vanthanhdo1991. Thank you! :-)


Present cont can be used for expressing future, it's used for future arrangements. Going to is used for future intentions and plans. Sometimes, these two have very similar meaning, it's hard to see the difference.


Yeah, you're right. By the way, where are you from? do you have a skype account? I usually refer to here in order to practice English with friends from all over the world. If you do one, please add me at skype id vanthanhdo1991 or at email dothivanthanh91@gmail.com. Thank you. :-)


I dnt know about rules much but i think if u want to learn english,all u have to do is practice. It can be done by listening music watching movies and tv series and so far. Nowadays tv series are very interesting. After  3 years of watching movies and series now i can speak in english witout hezitating. You can also grab their accent if u pay attention on it


dnt be followed by rules.make your own style by the basics. you'll know if its right or wrong


I'm doing this tomorrow ... vs. I am going to do this tomorrow.

As far as rules, I agree with Svet7777.

As far as a potential difference, try to translate this into your native language. What you will find out is that you would be able to express your sentence using at least two different ways, both of them will be correct and will have the same meaning.

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