I am a student today my my teacher ask me a question that is "difference between in and into

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:'in" is a preposition of location- space and time.

Example " IN the Taxi, IN the box" =inside, walls and top (space, physical, precise)

BUT:  IN May, IN Miami, IN Summer, IN the Future  = within that time or space, many options, not precise (many days in May, many locations in Miami, - on the "Zoom In"Target it's the our 'ring', most vague

"To" is a preposition of direction and movement, like a vector. "I'm going to Publix/the Post Office/work/the hospital)
so, "in" means already inside, "into" means it's on the way inside,movement is attached

"Into" suggests that movement and direction are taking place to go inside of something- example: I put the suitcase INTO the trunk, the shoes INTO the suitcase, the cake INTO the over etc.
You visualize the movement moving into its destination

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