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could I ask one question please? I really don't understand difference between "not less so" and "no less than". Are there any differences and how can I use each in real life? If you don't mind give me some examples :)

I deeply appreciate it :)

I saw "not less so" "and "no less than" in this context: "But France is getting more interventionist, not less so." "I'll pay you no less than fifty pounds."

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Hello!! According to what I know and generally see, "not less than" is uses for comparative sentences, ex: my mom said she would give me not less than 100 dollars. "not less so we use to finish a sentence, still related to what was said before, ex: my mom said she would give me 100 dollars, not less so. I hope I have helped you, but keep looking for a concrete answer because although I've been studying English for more than 10 years, I'm from Brazil, which means I'm not a native English speaker. Take care!!

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