What is the difference between "NO" and "NOT" ?                                                  .


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The word no never precedes: a, an, the, any, much, many, enough.


No is used:

  • as an exclamation.
  • as an adjective before singular and plural nouns.


Not is used:

  • as an adverb to make a sentence negative. 
  • to make an adjective or adverb negative.
  • in short replies with a number of verbs.



  • We have no money in the bank now.
  • We do not have any money in the bank now.


More examples: http://languagelearningbase.com/49110/difference-between-no-and-not


so If I make a sign what says something like "No money" because I'm poor or I don't have money and I want to demonstrate it to everybody ¿is this correct?

ignore at all if this fact is logic or not


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