Are any differences between Persons and People?

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Both persons and people are the correct plual forms of person. They are used interchangeably, but their original purposes were different.

Persons was originally used when the number of persons could be easily counted:

Three persons ate lunch together.

People was used to describe a group in which the number of individuals was hard to count:

Many people went shopping yesterday.

Nowdays, we use people much more frequently than persons as the plural form of person. Therefore, "three people: is just correct as "three persons".


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We alsouse peoples to describe ethnic groups or native tribes:

We must preserve the proud heritage of our native peoples.


Actually they have the exact same meaning, their original use is different though. Persons used to refer to a few people, but as you see, we also use "a few people". Today, persons is rather used in very formal contexts, such as legal notes and bills and stuff...and people is the word to use in every other context.


Yes.Persons is a incorrect word because when you want to say something relative to a lot of people you have to say "people".

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