Hello :)

I know, I can use:

Thanks, Regards, Best Regards, Kind Regards,

what else ?

How can I finish email for friend and how emails for my boos (for example) ? Can you write graduation different forms ?

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Master 7350

Business Email/Letter Closings

Best Regards,




Good Wishes,

Many Thanks,

Most Sincerely,



Thank You,

With Confidence,

Informal Email/Letter Closings





God Bless,

Gotta Boogie,

Grace and Peace,

Have Fun,

Health and Happiness,

Keep the Faith,

Later Vader,

Later Alligator,

Lots of Love,

Onward and Upward,

Over and Out,

Peace, Love & Happiness,

Peace & Blessings,

Rock On,

See ya,

Smell ya Later,




Your Friend,

Dream BIG,

Love Letter Email/Letter Closings

Adoringly Yours,


Especially yours,

Eternally Yours,

Forever and always,

Kiss ya,


Hug ya,

Hugs and pogo sticks!

Hugs, Love and Pogo Sticks,

Hugs, kisses, and broken fingers,

Hugs and kisses,

Love, peace, and chicken grease,

Love you now and forever,

Love, hugs and kisses,

Love you,

Love always,

Lustfully yours,

Sweet Kisses,


"Your girl" always,


Always and forever,

Always your baby,

Always yours,

Forever my love,

Forever yours,

I am forever yours,

I love you very, very much,

I will love you always,

I'll love you always,

Lots of love,

Love always and forever,

Love and best wishes,

Love and kisses,

Love you,

Loving you always and forever,

Loving you with all my heart,

Missing you,

My heart belongs to you always,

Remembering us,

Sending you all my love,

Soon to be your wife,

Still thinking of you,

Thanks for understanding,

Thinking of you,

Unabashedly yours,

Unconditionally yours,

With affection,

With all my love,

With appreciation,

With hope and love,

With love,

With love and anticipation,

With love and expectation,

With love and kisses,

You have all my love,

You know I love you,

Your darling,

Your devoted lover,

Your eternal soul mate,

Your faithful hubby,

Your hubby,

Your wife always,

Yours always,

Yours and only yours,


Native 7620

Cheers is fine. I sometimes use Respectfully or Big Hugs, depending on who I am sending the email to.

Have a great day.


lanluu 140

Warmest regards, With warmest regards,


wm23 230

Thanks all :) Now, I have a lot to choose from :D

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