Hello guys. In this sentence: “How did you end up there?” what does it mean “end up”? I don’t understand whole this sentence. I already checked the dictionary, and I still don’t understand. That is weird for me. xxx

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tiffy 7350

"How did you end up there?" or "How did you get here?" are basically the same.

end up is a phrasal verb that means to reach a particular place or achieve a situation after other activities:

*just think of "end up" as a result or a consequence of something.

For example:

  • After two weeks of traveling around Europe, we ended up in Paris. (Their final destination is in Paris after their two weeks travel in Europe.)
  • The deals were popular at the time, but many ended up losing money. (Many people lose their money because of the deals that were popular before.)

source: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/american-english/end-up


Hope 150
end up(phrasel verb) it means to find yourself in a place or situation that you did not intend or expect according to your example someone founded himself in unexpect place.


İt means finally be in a particular place or situation.

Another example is that he ended up in school.


Ok, so that sentence "How did you end up there?" is almost the same like:  "How you got there?" ?

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