hello , I haven.t been sleeping at all for two nights.

is this sentence grammatically correct?

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bcc1971 460
I have not slept for two nights v. I haven't been sleeping for two nights....

To me the first is meant to explain a duration. For the latter, I would prefer to use it in this context...."I have not been sleeping WELL..."

Anyway, I would say that both are gramatically correct....


we use the present perfect continuous to emphasise that the action is/isn't finished.


the right way should be "I haven't slept for two nigths"


ahenus 11540

both are correct.

we use present perfect sipmle to highlight the result of the activity. we use present perfect continuous to stress the continuity of the activity. here, i'd say that the latter one is the case thus i'd prefer using PPC.

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