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I'm brazilian, and in portuguese when we use 'to' is more like "para", and 'for', is more like "por". So, I was thinking, for example, in the sentence: I sing ___ you. If I sing in the place of a person, I could say "I sing for you."? And if I sing to a person I say "I sing to you." Is right this thought?


Thank you! I liked so much the video and the explaining! =D

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ahenus 11540
i would say that there's a small difference only.

i sing for u means i sing because u like it, i sing for your sake.

i sing to you means i sing in your direction, towards u.


i speak a little spanish and i guess the para/por analogy fits here.


But when I sing instead someone, like, "Julius would sing tonight, but I'm going in his place, I will sing for him." It's right to say that?


Hello, I'm new in this comunity, I'm from Venezuela. I think you right, depent of the contex you can use two words in the same sentence.

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