Hello everyone! I really want to know what's the difference between among and... between! ;D thanx!


between two things , among more than two

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Lenilson 610

Hello Lilian

There are some rules to use "among" and "between":

1) In general we use:

  • Between = 2 items
  • Among = 3 or more items

2) We use Among when we're talking about Collective Group / Mass Nouns:

  • I must choose among Universities in the U.S. (Group of universities)
  • Trade agreements exists among countries; (Group of countries)

3) We use Between when we're talking about Specific Nouns:

  • I must choose between University of Houston, University of Texas and University of California.
  • There is a trade agreement between South Africa, England and the U.S.

4) To talk about difference use "Between":

  • There is a difference between the American, English and Canadians accent.

5) To talk about distribute use "among":

  • The teacher has distributed the activities among his students

6) To talk about Location (specif path or point) we use between:

  • Bolivia lies between, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

7) To talk about Location (no defined path or point) we use among:

  • I walked among the trees. (not specified)

Hope this helps.


I think it's a comprehensive answer. thanks a lot


ahenus 11540

between TWO things, among MANY (more than two) things. that's it :)


  • between- two people,objects, things
  • among- more than two


thanks guys!


tiffy 7350

between is used when there are two things involved. Use among if it's more than three. I hope it helps.
For example: John's house is located between James and Peter's resorts.
The goods are shared among constituents.

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You use Between when is in the middle of two persons. Example: Ted is between Jessy and Lizzie. And, you use Among when is in the most one persons. Example: Ted is among so many persons.

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