Please I want to know the difference between 'escape' and 'scape', also 'especial' and 'special'?

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Especial & Special mean the same. Especial is way more formal.

Escape may refer to a noun (Avoiding something bad) or to a verb (Get away from something bad)

Scape does not exist as a noun or verb. It is just used as a suffix in words such as seascape.

Hope this helps.


'Especial' is not used in everyday conversational English... at least NOT in American English. You should avoid using it so you do not use it incorrectly.

'scape' is not a separate word in the English language and should never be used without a prefix... escape, landscape, etc.

When listening to a native speaker, they may not use proper enunciation and pronounce their words badly... so you may hear 'scape' when they are actually saying 'escape'!


the difference between Special and Especial and Escape and Scape it's the way we write it. I mean if you like british english you will write especial and Escape, if you like american english you will write the other way. Xxo


Especial isn't used in conversational British English either. Though you may hear "especially" in phrases like "especially for you", or "especially for that purpose".

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