Just give an interrelationships among sport,game and play in details

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Play is a verb.  It is the action taken for games and sports.  (e.g., I play a game.  I play a sport.)

Game & Sport are nouns.

'Sports' are a category of games.  Sports are physical, usually using your whole body.  Often played on teams, and often competitive.  For example: basketball, football, tennis, etc.

'Games' is a larger category than sport.  There are many different types of games, from very simple to very complex.  They may be physical but are often mental, or played with pieces on a table top (e.g., chess, checkers, etc.).  The word game implies that it is something fun.  Some games can be played alone, some are played with another person or other people, some are played against another person or other people.  Most games involve strategy.


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You can play a game and doesn't has to be an sport.


A game isnt always a sport but you play both. Games tend to be a lot more complex and dont always involve using thw whole body. For example mind games such as puzzles as opposed to sports such as soccer which you play very differently.

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