Hi, I would like ask you about Who, Whose, Whom. What is the difference and do you know any useful examples please? Thank you and have a nice day.

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• who

Use who for people.

e.g. She's the woman who works with me.

Always put commas (or a comma and a full stop) before and after the clause when you give extra information about a person.

e.g. My grandmother, who's nearly 80, still cooks every day.

• whom

After prepositions use whom for a person.

e.g. He's the only person to whom I can really talk.

Sentences with whom can be expressed more informally without a relative pronoun and with the preposition after the verb.

e.g. He's the only person I can really talk to. Whom is also used in formal English instead of who when it refers to the object in the clause. The woman whom you met was a friend of mine.

• whose

Whose is the possessive case of who/which and it is usually followed by a noun.

e.g. Whose house did you see yesterday? I don't know whose (house) it was but I really liked it.


Who Adjective

who are you?.
Whose Adjective


whose pen is this?.

The objective case of who

she was not the one whom you love.
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