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Josep 4650

Dear DJOY,

'Contact' is a transitive verb, therefore you need to place an object without the preposition 'with'.

So: Contact me -> Correct one.

Hope this helps



Thank you Josep



as a noun - I lost contact with her a couple of years ago.

as a verb - I'll try to contact her tomorrow.

(im not sure my answer)


Thanks Ewa


To contact smb, but to get in contact with smb. Regards


Oxford Advanced Learner


noun, verb
image noun
act of communicating
image [U] ~ (with sb)
~ (between A and B) the act of communicating with sb, especially regularly: I don't have much contact with my uncle. ◆ There is little contact between the two organizations. ◆ Have you kept in contact with any of your friends from college (= do you still see them or speak or write to them)? ◆ She's lost contact with (= no longer sees or writes to) her son. ◆ I finally made contact with (= succeeded in speaking to or meeting) her in Paris. ◆ The organization put me in contact with other people in a similar position (= gave me their addresses or telephone numbers). ◆ two people avoiding eye contact (= avoiding looking directly at each other) ◆ Here's my contact number (= temporary telephone number) while I'm away.
touching sb / sth
image [U] the state of touching sth: His fingers were briefly in contact with the ball. ◆ This substance should not come into contact with food. ◆ a fear of physical contact ◆ She blushed at the sudden contact of his hand against her arm. ◆ This pesticide kills insects on contact (= as soon as it touches them). ◆ This chemical is liable to explode on contact with water.
meeting sb / sth
image [U] the state of meeting sb or having to deal with sth: In her job she often comes into contact with (= meets) lawyers. ◆ Children should be brought into contact with poetry at an early age.
image [C, usually pl.] an occasion on which you meet or communicate with sb; a relationship with sb: We have good contacts with the local community. ◆ The company has maintained trade contacts with India.
image [C] a person that you know, especially sb who can be helpful to you in your work: social / personal contacts ◆ I've made some useful contacts in journalism. ◆ She has several contacts in New York.
image [C] an electrical connection: The switches close the contacts and complete the circuit.
for eyes
image (contacts) [pl.] (informal) = CONTACT LENSES
image [C] a person who may be infectious because he or she has recently been near to sb with a CONTAGIOUS disease
Idioms see POINT n.
image verb [VN] to communicate with sb, for example by telephone or letter: I've been trying to contact you all day. ◆ Witnesses to the accident are asked to contact the police.

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