Which one is more useful? "get in touch" or "contact me"?

In a formal emailing which sentences would be better to use?

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ahenus 11540
i suggest contact me since in formal register, one-word verbs are always preferred to phrasal verbs.

avoid overused verbs such as get, take and go in formal letters.


tiffy 7350

Contact me is more formal. Get in touch is casual that's only good if you are talking with friends. However, contact us is better if you are working for a company or if you are in a team.


hi to all


From my point of view if it is a formal comunication we should use " contact me" and for informal situations " get in touch me, we could get on well, it is more apropiated


I think "Contact me " is more useful .


Contact me is precise. In touch seeks not so fornal....


warman 140
Both of sentences are useful..  depend on us to whom we send or speak..

the most formal is  "Contact me" Or "Contact Us.."


pushpa 180
Get in touch..

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