there's a sentence in a tasksheet: "The harbour master lost contact / touch with the ship." the key says the solution is 'touch'.

can anyone tell me the difference between lose touch and lose contact? lose contact only refers to people, and lose touch refers to both people and objects? thanks for the answer in advance.

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Astheart 2900

The Oxford Dictionary doesn't know the idiom of "lose contact". The idiom of "lose touch with somebody/something" is correct.


Neither the Merriam-Webster.


We can lose contact when on the phone.


ahenus 11280

i have done some more research on "lose contact with SY" and found these:

longman also recognizes this expression:

thanks for the help, now i can see that you can only lose contact with SY but lose touch is good for both SG and SY.


Well, you're right. It can be found in the dictionaries given by you. But The free dictionary reads: lose contact with someone or something. So, both as well; it's even wider than you say. But, the question always is how reliable the dictionary is.


i try to think of english as an always changing language thus sticking to oxford, longman and merriam-webster have never been enough for me. urban-, free- and other dictionaries might be regarded less credible but they have helped me learn a lot over the years thus i personally find them useful. anyways, thanks for the insight. i can imagine lose contact with SG in the sentence such as "we lost contact with the ship because of the storm". it all depends on the context then.


I think 'lose touch' is correct.


Salis 140

what the different? lost touch .. lost contact..


Frankly, I don't know what the difference is. I think they are synonyms, but even synonyms often have some slightly different meaning. Anyway, I have asked in the group of professional native teachers of English so let's wait what their answers will be.


tiffy 7350
both lose contact or lose touch are correct - they mean the same

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