I've been getting confused about it, I will appreciate your help.


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For Countable noun we use "many" but is  only  for negative sentence, and much  is only for incountable noun in neagative sentences too.

A lot is for countable and incountable inn affirmative.


I drink a lot of coffee


I have a lot of candies.

I don't have many grapes

I don't drink much  water


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Many vs Much vs A lot

Many - use with plural nouns (countable nouns) (Example: There are many people in the plaza today.) -

Much - use with collective nouns and singular nouns (uncountable nouns) (Example: Gerald doesn’t have much money.)

A lot - meaning to a large extent; when used as adverb, it means to greater extent.

For example:

  • (as a noun) There are a lot of boys in Joy's school.
  • (as an adverb) It hurts a lot to see your mother crying.

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