Hi guys! I'm fluent in English. I can have conversation with native speaker but I feel unsure sometimes because I don't have long vocabulary how can i gain more vocabulary. thanks

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Start to read some classic novel there will be so many good examples , and situations where to use those words after.  Translate , read definition and take a look at more examples write them down, learn correct pronunciation.  All of this for free :) If you like to spend time learning. You can watch TV series not some teenage , but more for adults with smarter vocabulary. Write them down again .. read about them more. Use them.

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald



Through reading and listening/watching good tv shows.  And there are lots of vocabulary books as well.


U can read the English newspaper and listen the news, movies also to enhance ur vocab.



I think I have the same problem. And I did decide make a little dictionary on my cell phone, and writing all new phrases and words. Everyday I read it again. Maybe for you works!


thanks guys all your advices are good and also helpfull thanks again

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