What is the difference between mixed conditional no. 1 & 2?

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tiffy 7350

Please refer to the following blog post http://www.ieltsexamstips.com/2014/02/conditional-statements-in-ielts-exam.html

Type 1 or First Conditionals show possible situations. The if- clause uses the simple present form of the verb while the main clause uses the future simple (will) and certain modals like can, might, and should.

  • If she comes home, we will cook dinner.
  • If we hurry, we might catch the 8pm bus.

The Type 2 Conditional refers to something unreal or for situations that are imagines. This type of conditional shows that the action is less probable. The if-clause uses the simple past while the main clause uses would, could and might.

  • If I ate too much cake, I would get fat.
  • If she won a million pesos, she might buy a new house for her family.



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