There are many rules of British accent. For example you can't sound the R word like WORD will be WAAD.FORWARD will be FOWAAD. Right? Is there anyone who can provide me with the most important rules of having English accent?

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I don't think there is a 'better' or 'worse' accent, they're just different.  Even within both countries there are different accents.  I can say there are perceptions or stereotypes for the different accents though.  A lot of Americans think the English accent is formal, intelligent and attactive (it's exotic yet I understand it!).  American accents are sometimes seen as very casual.  I would recommend asking two questions 1.) Do you plan on visiting either United States or United Kingdom?  and 2.) What's the most appealing to your ear?  Then go with with it.


I would say use the north eastern us accent, it's the easiest to understand English accent, the reason why it is used for international programs and the news.

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