There are many rules of british accent. For example you can't use R word. So its WAAD not WORD. Another is FOWAAD not FORWARD. Right? Can anyone help me with this. Is there anyone who can provide me with  most importatnt rules of having British accent?

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Hi Farham, well I am Catalan from Barcelona, I personally enjoy much more British, but not in all UK is the same if you go midlands you will see the diferents.

I think this is just a question to enjoy all of thems.



I prefer British English. I recommend you to listen to the Beatles, Britpop bands (Suede, Blur, Pulp), watch British films, watch the news on BBC, change your language preferences to English UK. Here in Chile, British English is taught at school and university level. US English, just for business.


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Yes I agree with Pollux_geminae. Watch more British English movies and TV programs or listen to Brit music. Exposing yourself to this language will make the learning more enjoyable.


Thank you guys :) that was very helpful


Use either one. Just try to be consistent. Remember that there are quite a few more differences between American and British English than the accent; spelling, vocabulary, idioms, phrases, etc.

Nowadays more people are exposed to the American English, mainly because of the movies and entertainment. And most importantly because of business and technology.

Good luck.


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Both are good.

Here are some vocabulary terms used by British and American.



There is a difference between an accent and pronunciation - if you are not a native speaker, you are unlikely to develop an accent (some people may, but usually only if they've been living in the country). I would agree with the person above who suggests that you should be consistent. No one accent is "better" than another - a personal preference may be based on personal bias (especially with native speakers) or personal experience.

As above, there is more than one British accent - what I think you are referring to is Received Pronunciation.  It is true that most British accents do not have /r/ prounounced after a vowel, but your suggested pronciations of <word> and <forward> are not what I would say were typical. <Word> has the same vowel as girl, curl, burn, not like card, and <forward> doesn't have a strong vowel sound in the second syllable, more sort of "forewuhd".

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