I have a confusion between that and this . I need more explanation about the utilisation of both of rhem, when we can use that and when we can use this.eg.. we say that person or this person ?

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Basically what makes them different is the distance. "That" is used when something (or someone) is far from the person who is speaking. Ex. "Whose car is that? " (¿De quién es ESE carro? ) Here the word "that" denotes the fact that the car is far from the person who is asking the question. On the other hand, "this" is used when an object (or person) is close to the person who is speaking. Ex. "Whose car is this? " (¿De quién es ESTE carro? )


The best way to explain the difference between THIS and THAT is the proximity factor, either in space or in time or in a relationship. To indicate THIS object or person you could add a gesture that means "this one here, close to me". To indicate THAT object or person - "that one there, away from me".

Ex: This is the happiest day of my life ( meaning today).  Many horrible things happened that day ( meaning a day in the past).

Ex: This flat is amazing ( meaning you are in it right now )!  Do you know that man ( across the street )?


THAT is far, but THIS is right here, next to me.


Actually we used that for something far could you that e.g what is that ؟

Also we used this for something near

e.g What is this

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