my question is, can I say this?

there are fantastic mobile phones  with whom you can talk, listen to music, watch videos, surf the internet, watch your mailbox or take photographs.

my problem is about using infinitive or verb+ing, although I think in this case, I have to use infinitive ( because of the verb can)

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you can say check your mail box please


Yes, in this case you would use the base forms of the verbs - talk, listen, check, take, etc. as opposed to talking, listening, checking ...

I would change 'with whom' to 'with which'  - phones are not people, and instead of 'watch your mailbox' would say 'check your mailbox' as someone has already indicated ...

or you could say ..

there are a lot of fantastic phones which can be used for talking, listening to the music, playing videos, checking voicemail, etc.

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