I want to ask about how can we order 2 or 3 nouns together in a sentence . F.g answer paper or paper answer If any role or grammer to order them . Tkanks

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It should be answer paper.


It should be answer paper. It means the paper where the answers should be written. In this case, answer is a noun modifying other noun, the function of adjectives. If you change the order it would be equally correct. However, the meaning would be different. That is, an answer made of paper, which makes a difference, and supposedly, it doesn't exist.


Thank you so much Twanda for your explination or clarfying this question .
You hit the core .now it is clear


First of all you have there not 2 nouns but a noun and a noun working as an adjective or descrption, in which answer is the word used to decribe the kind of paper you're using,

if you change the order then the meanign would be different.

anwser paper.... the paper that you use to answer

paper answer.... could be understood as an anwser that isn't very important or that doesn't have a strong base. ( in a figurative way of speaking)

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