Hello everybody greetings from Puebla, Mexico and thank you four your page is a big "need to learn" english.

My question is if I use correct form verb in my greeting I use need to learn, is correct or I need use some verb in another form. Thank you for your help.

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Kathi 1290

I hope I understand your intent correctly...

In this case, English works a lot like Spanish. You are correct in using "need to learn". If something is a necessity one would use the 'need + infinitive', just like in Spanish -- "necesito aprender".

If I've answered this incorrectly, you may pose the question in Spanish, if that would be easier. (Entiendo bien el español.)


Gracias por la respuesta, en si la pregunta es si se pueden usar 2 verbos juntos, y si estos por ejemplo pueden estar en infiniivo o hay que cambiar la forma de una de ellos por ejemplo uno en infitivo y otro en gerundio, en español se puede usar yo necesito ayuda, o tambien puede decirse empezando a ayudar, no se si en ingles se puedan utilizar de esa forma, por su atencion gracias.


Yes. We may say in English: " I need help" (yo necesito ayuda)... because "I need to learn English." = or because "I need learning English"...

We may use the infinitive, or the gerund. Was this helpful to you?


I have dificult with sentences object pronous and subjects pronouns.



Yes of course. For example: He eats pie and then walks to the station. Here "eat" and "walk" both are verbs.

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